About Us

Welcome to Star House Washing.

Our company offers professional pressure washing services for homes, office building and other properties in Vancouver, BC. We cover the areas of Delta, Langley, Surrey, Coquitlam, Westminster and Richmond.

Since 1999 , our company has build reputation through quality pressure washing. We helped hundreds of resident in Richmond, Delta Coquitlam, Westminste and Surrey as well as in area of Langley and Vancouver in cleaning and maintaining the beauty of there houses and offices with our pressure washing services. 100 % Satisfaction guaranteed.

As an experienced pressure washing contractor in BC, we have right equipment and know how of cleaning every part of your home or office building. Trained cleaners and Quality Supplies. (WeuseSOAP)

Star house Washing knows that our services to remain excellent, we have to use quality cleaning products for all our pressure washing jobs in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Delta Coquitlam, Westminste and Richmond BC. That’s why our cleaners bring heavy-duty pressures washers with cleaning supplies that are safe for your home and environment. Want a particular service for your home? Let us know of any special requests, and we will make it happen. Our pressure washing service are readily available for resident of Vancouver, Surrey, Delta, Langley, Coquitlam, Westminste and Richmond. We are WCB insured.

Call Us fro Free Estimate : 604.861.6060